Sunday, Feb. 7 — Angela Maybury was arrested on an outstanding Lake County warrant.

Sunday, Feb. 7 — Lake County Search and Rescue was activated to assist a stuck snowmobiler in the Lakeview Pine Estates subdivision north of Deadhorse and Campbell Lakes. The snowmobiler was able to self-rescue and the search and rescue operation was canceled.

Monday, Feb. 8 — Deputies were dispatched to ACE Hardware in Lakeview regarding a theft. The investigation revealed that Monte Dial shoplifted property from the store and left without paying. Dial was contacted several days later and was arrested and booked for the theft.

Tuesday, Feb. 9 — Deputies responded to a driving complaint in Christmas Valley involving Eric Andrews. Witnesses stated they had to jump back to keep from being hit by a vehicle that was being driven by Andrews. A no contact order was confirmed from the court which stated that Andrews was to have no contact with one of the witnesses. Deputies were unable to locate Andrews. The investigation has been forwarded to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office for a warrant.

Wednesday, Feb. 10 — Deputies were contacted by an adult female in Christmas Valley stating that she was going to block a road because it was her property. Deputies informed the subject that the road is a County road and not her property; deputies told the female that if she blocked the road she would be citied.

Wednesday, Feb. 10 — Deputies contacted a male and female walking on north Fifth street in Lakeview. Both subjects had warrants out of Lake County. The warrants were confirmed through dispatch and both subjects were taken into custody and transported to the Lake County Jail.

Wednesday, Feb. 10 — Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Comet Lane in Christmas Valley. The reporting party said her neighbor was having a person trespass and build a fence on her property. There is currently a dispute as to whose property the fence is on. The complainant stated that sagebrush had been cut and tossed onto the property, and that garbage blows onto her property. Both parties were advised of the situation being a civil matter and advised to pursue it in civil court.

Thursday, Feb. 11 — Deputies responded to a report of a subject damaging personal property in the 100 block of S. H St., Lakeview. The reporting party claimed to know the suspect. The suspect was not found in the immediate area. The investigation is ongoing.

Sunday, Feb. 14 — Deputies submitted a report of a stolen dog from Christmas Valley to the Lake County District’s Attorney office for consideration. The victim has made allegations that a known subject has one of the victim’s dogs.

Monday, Feb. 15 — Deputies took a report of a stolen bicycle from the 800 block of north Sixth street, Lakeview. The bicycle was taken sometime during the night of Thursday, Feb. 11, from the front porch area. The vase is under investigation.

Tuesday, Feb. 16 — Deputies were contacted at the North Lake substation by an individual regarding a possible burglary to a trailer. Deputies contacted the owner of the camper who agreed to meet with the deputies. The investigation revealed that unknown suspects broke the window out of the camper with a shovel, entered and removed property from the camper. The investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, Feb. 17 — Deputies contacted a male suspect at the Lake County Courthouse who had a current warrant for his arrest. The subject was taken in custody for violation of a restraining order and booked into the Lake County Jail.

Wednesday, Feb. 17 — Deputies responded to a 911 report of a vehicle fire off Morrison Lane, Fort Rock, on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property. Deputies found the vehicle, processed the scene and took pictures. BLM law enforcement was contacted and apprised of the investigation. On Thursday, Feb. 18, deputies spoke with the son of the vehicle owner and was informed the vehicle was removed and the area cleaned up.

Thursday, Feb. 18 — Deputies investigated a motor vehicle crash in the area of Roberta and south Third streets in Lakeview. The investigation revealed that a vehicle was unable to step for a posted stop sign due to snowy and icy conditions and struck another vehicle in the intersection. There were no reported injuries at the time of the investigation.

Friday, Feb. 19 — Deputies responded to a 911 complaint involving Eric Andrews firing multiple shots in the air from a firearm. During the investigation, deputies learned of a warrant for Andrews’ arrest for violation of a release agreement. Andrews was arrested on the warrant and booked into the Lake County Jail.

Saturday, Feb. 20 — Deputies responded to a report of a suspected intoxicated driver in the parking lot of the Warner Canyon Ski Area. The reporting party, an off-duty Lake County Sheriff’s deputy, reported seeing a male subject stagger up to a vehicle, enter it, and move the vehicle forward. Deputies contacted the driver and he informed deputies he had only consumed two alcoholic beverages. The subject requested a lawyer after he was read his Miranda rights. The subject was arrested and taken to the Lake County Jail to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and breath samples. The subject refused both and a search warrant for his blood was completed. The subject was booked into the Lake County Jail after the search warrant was executed.

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