Lake County Sheriff Office Report

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Oregon State Police Report

Wednesday, April 3 — Dispatch received a driving complaint regarding a gray Dodge Ram on Hwy 395E traveling northbound towards Lakeview that was reported to be swerving all over the road. The truck was located and was observed failing to drive within its lane. A traffic stop was initiated on the truck for the observed traffic violation. The driver, Michael Laurence Jensen, 59, of Lakeview displayed signs of impairment and admitted to consuming alcohol. Jensen consented and performed part of the Standard Field Sobriety Tests and provided a breathalyzer test. Jensen was cited and released for DUII-alcohol and the truck was recovered by Don Deiter’s Towing. 

Thursday, April 4 — A traffic stop was initiated on a silver Ford pickup for an observed traffic violation. Signs of criminal activity were observed to include out of state travel destination. A consent search revealed dispensary marijuana extract. Dustin Jordan Anderson, 26, of Sioux Falls, S.D. and Nicole Ann Murray, 25, of Sioux Falls, S.D. were cited. 

Friday, April 5 — A gray Chevrolet Equinox was traveling southbound on Hwy 31 near mile post 108 when it struck a cow owned by Daphne Lorraine Story, 57 of Paisley that ran into the roadway. The Equinox sustained moderate damage but was driveable and the cow ran off after being struck. The driver Chellie Jeanne Stoffel, 51, of Medford and the passenger, Ryan Michael Becquer, 18, of Medford had no report of injuries. 

Saturday, April 6 — Jared Travis Branham, 35, was contacted at the Lakeview Patrol Office to report that his vehicle had been stolen approximately 30 days ago. Branham signed a stolen vehicle form and there are no known suspects at this time. 

Tuesday, April 9 — A white Chevrolet was northbound on Hwy 31 when a herd of deer crossed the road and two were struck and killed. Amanda Beth Schmidt, 44 arranged for her own tow. 

Saturday, April 13 — A tan Hyundai was traveling westbound on Hwy 140W, near mile post 64 when the rear passenger side tire blew. The driver, Mary Ann Hill, 62, of West Jordan, Utah lost control of the vehicle causing it to crash into debris on the shoulder of the roadway. The Hyundai sustained moderate damage. Hill, Sarah Ann Hill, 36, of West Jordan, Utah and Douglas Paul Hill, 66, of West Jordan Utah had no report of injury and the vehicle was towed by Hughes Towing. 

Saturday, April 13 — A white Chevrolet Cobalt was traveling southbound on Hwy 31 near mile post 73 when the vehicle traveled onto the shoulder of the roadway. The driver, Shelby Lyn Ingram, 27, of Prineville over-corrected, causing her to lose control. The vehicle rolled and sustained substantial damage. Ingram and three juvenile passengers were transported by ground ambulance with injuries. The vehicle was recovered by Hall Towing. 

Monday, April 15 — Juanita Olson reported that her mother Petra Sholes, 85, of Newcastle, Wyo., had left her purse at the Shell gas station in Lakeview. The purse was recovered for safekeeping. 

Monday, April 15 — A physical and verbal altercation occurred between Melody Lorraine Tallmage, 47, of Lakeview and her father George Elmer Middleton, 76, of Lakeview. A case was taken for harassment and the involved parties agreed to separate for the evening. 

Monday, April 15 — A traffic stop was initiated on a gray Hyundai Sonata for an observed traffic violation. Signs of criminal activity were observed. A consent search revealed a large quantity of marijuana extract that was imported into Oregon. The driver, Jenae Irene Sheeley, 37, of Kingston, Jamaica and Duane Lewis, 44, of Weston, Ohio were cited and released. 

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