Monday, Aug. 5 – Deputies responded to the 48400 block of Diablo Road regarding an assault where the suspect was named Richard Emery. The subsequent investigation revealed that Emery had punched his son-in-law in the face over a property line dispute. Deputies observed minor injuries on the victim’s face during the investigation. At the conclusion of the interview Emery was sought and located nearby on his property driving an ATV side-by-side. Emery was summoned to where law enforcement was positioned, however Emery chose to flee in his ATV. Emery was located shortly thereafter and it was noted that Emery had partially concealed himself behind a pine tree. As Emery was being observed with binoculars it was noted that he was holding a rifle next to his side. The contact was terminated, however the investigation commenced. On Friday, Sept. 6, at midnight, a search warrant was executed at Emery’s residence with the assistance of the Oregon State Police SWAT Team. After numerous attempts to verbally communicate with Emery being unsuccessful and having knowledge that Emery was in his house. Gas was delivered into the house and the front door was breached from the frame and hinges. Multiple attempts were made to communicate with Emery. After approximately 90 minutes Emery emerged from the house and was taken into custody. Emery was transported to the Lake County Correction’s Facility and booked on multiple charges, felon in possession of a firearm and assault IV. The search warrant also revealed methamphetamine, marijuana, stolen property, additional firearms and spikes believed to be used to flatten tires as vehicles drove over a cattle guard. Trial was set to commence on Wednesday, Jan. 8. Prior to the trial a plea agreement was arranged between the defense and the prosecution. On Friday, Jan. 10, Emery was sentenced to 36 months at the Department of Corrections. After Emery’s release from the Department of Corrections, Emery will be subject to an additional five years of probation.

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