Friday, March 20 – Deputies responded to the 800 block of north H street regarding a trespass. The resident reported that an adult male was sitting on the front step of the resident and refused to leave. When deputies arrived the suspect was still seated on the front step and had an Ace Hardware shopping cart in his possession fill with personal possessions. The suspect was removed from the resident and given a ride to a friend’s house. The shopping cart was returned to Ace Hardware where it was valued at $100. The investigation has been forwarded to the DA’s Office for review and charging.

Wednesday, May 6 – Deputies responded to Gifts “N” More in Christmas Valley regarding someone dumping their garbage in the dumpster at night which has been an ongoing problem. The owner provided a video recording that captured a Chevrolet Tahoe, light in color, drive up to his dumpster. The driver and a passenger both got out of the vehicle, both tossing for large garbage bags of trash into the dumpster. The suspects were contacted and admitted to throwing the trash into the dumpster. The suspect was issued a citation in lieu of custody for theft of services.

Thursday, May 7 – Deputies responded to the 1000 block of south G street regarding a domestic altercation. Upon arrival deputies contact a man, woman and three independent witnesses. The investigation revealed that the woman and a friend arrived at her estranged boyfriend’s house to retrieve her belongings. The friend of the woman knocked on the door, but didn’t get an answer. The friend then forced in the door and began chocking the occupant of the house. The resident attempted to defend himself until the police arrived. The friend was consequently arrested for criminal mischief and strangulation, and transported to the Lake County Correction’s Facility and booked.

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