Sunday, Dec. 22 – Deputies were dispatched to the 74000 block of HWY 31 regarding problems with tenants and a report of an assault. Deputies spoke with both parties and learned that there was no criminal activity from either side. The owner of the property stated that she wanted campers removed from the premises because they hadn’t paid rent in several months. The other half of the argument stated they had been given free rent for work performed on the property. The uninvolved third party who witnessed the incident was contacted and interviewed. According to the witness there was n physical altercation involved with the argument. The assessment by the Deputies was the entire incident fell into the arena of a civil dispute. Both parties were advised to pursue their differences in the civil arena for resolution.

Tuesday, Dec. 24 – Deputies responded to the 1000 block of South F Street regarding a domestic dispute where the female reported having been assaulted by her boyfriend. The investigation revealed that there was a verbal argument on Monday, Dec. 23, and the police were called. The male half was allowed to spend the night at his neighbor’s house due to no criminal activity. The male half came home about three hours later, entered the house and slapped his girlfriend across the face while she was sleeping. Deputies observed that the females right cheek was red as a result of being slapped. The male half admitted to slapping his girlfriend because he drank too much alcohol and is depressed. The male half was arrested for Assault IV and Harassment and was transported to the Lake County Correction’s Facility where he was booked.

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