Monday, Jan. 25 — Deputies responded to a report of a burglary at the Westside Cemetery on Dog Lake Road. It was reported that someone had entered into an unlocked building and took some small American flags that are used during Veterans Day celebrations. Some of the flags were recovered in the area of the Hill Top Dairy and Westside Road. Anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects regarding this crime please contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 541-947-2504.

Monday, Jan. 25 —Deputies responded to a report of a single motor vehicle crash on Stock Drive and Padget Road. When deputies arrived at the scene they observed that a maroon Honda Civic had driven off the road and crashed into a fence. Deputies contact the driver, who looked confused and disoriented. The driver was transported to the Lake District Hospital where he was treated for a possible medical issue. The investigation is ongoing.

Monday, Jan. 25 — Deputies responded to a domestic dispute between a male and female in the 18000 block of Kadrmas Road, Lakeview. The investigation revealed that an assault occurred during a verbal argument whereas the male assaulted the female. The male was arrested for assault and transported to the Lake County Jail where he was booked. The incident has been referred to the DA for charging.

Tuesday, Jan. 26 — Deputies responded to the 14300 block of Hwy 395 regarding a theft from a victim’s bank account. The investigation is ongoing and has been referred the DA’s Office for review.

Tuesday, Jan. 26 — Deputies recovered a backpack in the alley of the Dollar General store in Lakeview. The property has been placed into evidence for safekeeping.

Tuesday, Jan. 26 — Deputies responded to multiple 911 calls made by the same person in Christmas Valley. The caller initially called 911, and told dispatch that she did not know why she was calling 911. She agreed to meet deputies at her home located at 59914 Old Lake Rd., Christmas Valley. The caller called dispatch three more times before deputies arrived. After making contact the deputies noticed the caller was intoxicated and performed field sobriety tests, which she failed. She was arrested for DUII. The investigation has been forwarded to the DA’s Office for charging.

Thursday, Jan. 28 — Deputies responded to the Aspen Court Apartments in Lakeview for a report of an assault. Carey Everitt said that she was sitting on her bed when Bryan Burke started taking off her glasses. Everitt said that while this was happening Burke told her that he would make her tell and that he would take out her eyes. When deputies arrived Burke had fled the scene. Later, Burke showed up and began banging on the door and front window demanding to be let in. He was able to gain entry into the apartment. Deputies arrived and arrested Burke. He was transported to the Lake County Jail and booked for strangulation, assault and harassment. The investigation has been forwarded to the DA’s Office for charging.

Friday, Jan. 29 — Deputies responded to a report of a hit and run at the 100 block of south L street. The reporting party informed dispatch that the garage to his mother’s residence appeared to have been struck by a vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

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