An Oregon Legislature bill would phase out the use diesel in motor vehicles, beginning in the urban areas, before the rest of the state; though whether it would impact agriculture equipment remains an open question.

Oregon Rep. Karin Power, D-Milwaukie, introduced House Bill 3305 which would phase out the use of diesel as a fuel for vehicles by 2028. Though there is language in bill which would exempt tractors and other agriculture equipment from the diesel phase out.

In the current language of the bill only vehicles which are operated on highways would be effected by the phase out. Another component of the bill is the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Department of Agriculture would study whether alternatives could be found in sufficient supply to replace the petroleum diesel and whether those alternatives can meet the demand which currently exists.

Government agencies and public transportation departments would be impacted first, with 2024 in the urban areas of Oregon having the phase out first. After that it will be a roll out to big rig trucks, and other vehicles, which will use alternative diesel fuel sources if the bill passes by 2028.

HB 3305 has been referred to the Oregon House Committee on Transportation.

No public meetings have been scheduled, and no meeting is guarantee on the bill as it was introduced after the beginning of the legislative session. Only bills introduced before the session began are guarantee a committee hearing.

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