Seniors in Lake County will soon have a new way to get around as the Board of Commissioners on Wednesday, Feb. 17 approved $77,678 toward purchase of a Ford ElDorado bus.

The County has a $65,000 grant and dollars from the State Transportation Fund that it will use to purchase the vehicle. The bus will be used by the Lake County Senior Citizens Association (LCSCA) but owned by the County.

Board Asst. Melanie Lasley brought the item to the Commissioners. She included two quotes from Oregon Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) approved vendors in Oregon.

Portland-based Schetky Northwest Bus and Van Sales quoted the lower cost. Creative Bus Sales out of Canby had a Ford Starcraft Allstar available for $80,618 — $2,940 more than the ElDorado.

Lasley recommended that the County purchase the ElDorado rather than the Starcraft. In addition to the cost savings with the ElDorado, she told the Commissioners that the Senior Center prefers it because of its smaller size compared to the Starcraft — thus it does not require a driver to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Not having to make CDL possession a prerequisite will allow LCSCA to more easily hire drivers to transport seniors.

The bus will seat 12 people and is expected to be a great help for the Senior Center as it has worked to expand its transportation services.

LCSCA operates Lake County Public Transit on behalf of the Transit Program.

For more information, call LCSCA at 541-947-4966.

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