It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative in the Oregon House of Representatives for the past two years. My goal is to give southern Klamath and Lake counties a strong voice in Salem and to promote rural Oregon values.

I am pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-second amendment, pro-small business, pro-hydropower and pro-agriculture. I have been nominated to represent the Republican Party of Oregon, the Independent Party of Oregon and the Oregon Libertarian Party for the general election in November.

These are not merely words but are backed up by the fact that I have received numerous endorsements from associations such as Oregon Right To Life, the NRA, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Home Builders Association, Oregon Chiefs of Police, Oregon Sheriffs Association, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon and the Nation Federation of Independent Businesses. 

Furthermore, during my first term I earned the Conservative Union Award in Oregon’s House of Representatives with the highest score of 93 percentfor my voting record. I was able to successfully help defeat devastating bills like Cap & Trade and newly proposed agricultural water taxes. I worked across the aisle with Democrats to secure nearly $50 million for Oregon Tech and Klamath Community College. I helped the Red Rock Biofuels project in Lakeview receive tax-free bonding status for over $200 million in bonds.

But there is still much more to be done. Despite record revenues to the state treasury, Salem’s budget problems persist because of uncontrolled spending. Despite record allocations to public education, Oregon’s score card ranks in the bottom five states in the nation. Despite the Public Employees Retirement System ballooning out of control, current leadership in Salem is unwilling to talk about this vast problem or a way to fix it. The Oregon Legislature is one Democrat away from a super-majority in the House and in the Senate. This would give Democrats total control over all policy as well as the ability to create multiple new taxes to fund their goals of utopian socialism, while further burdening all Oregon tax payers.

It is important to vote this November. We must send a message to Salem that they have enough of our money. New majority leadership is required to solve the problems our state faces. I urge you to vote Republican from top to bottom on your ballot. Also vote YES for Ballot Measures 103, 104, 105 and 106 to put restraints on the Portland politicians that desire to take away more of our freedoms in southern Oregon and place mandates on our way of life.

Our republic is a beautiful thing. This year you have a clear choice for State Representative. Let’s join together as we stand against the failed leadership of Gov. Kate Brown. I ask for your vote. In return I promise to continue advocating for our life and our liberty so we may pursue happiness.

I am proud to live in southern Oregon and look forward to representing the people of House District 56.


Office of State Rep. 

E. Werner Reschke

Oregon Legislature, District 56

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