With Thanksgiving just 24 hours away, we all have a lot to be thankful for. 

With the passing of every season and holiday, each and every family has traditions they continue throughout the years. One thing my family does every year at the end of November is a “thankful turkey”. 

Sitting around the table prepping to stuff our faces full of turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pie, colored paper cutouts of feathers are passed around. On these pieces of paper we write all of the things we’re thankful for and for those things we hope to continue to be thankful for with the New Year approaching. Once the pens are done scribbling, we tell everyone what we’re thankful for and pin it on the turkey as its feathers. 

Over the years there’s been plenty of changes in my life. 

Of course, making the jump to move to Lakeview has been one of the biggest ones I’ve had. I won’t lie, of course being away from family is difficult, but being in Lakeview has made me thankful for a few things, more than I had though I would be. 

So here’s my “thankful turkey”. 

I’m thankful for a strong support system.

Whether that’s the individuals in this town that have opened their doors to me, helping with the move, furniture, friendship and dozens of other things, or being supportive even when I make a few mistakes along the way. The support system back home makes transitioning difficult, but having one here is just as important.

I’m thankful for the area.

Although I’ve never considered myself “country” in any form of the word, I will say that living out in what is known to some as “God’s Country”, opens your eyes to the beauty that is untouched land. What I mean is the lack of skyscrapers, additional buildings and dozens of other areas that make up a large city, it creates a ton of opportunities for adventuring. 

I’m thankful for the opportunity.

As a recent graduate and being a young journalist, I’ve found that getting your start in Lakeview and Lake County might be the best-case scenario. Although the population is small, there’s no shortage of news. I’ve covered dozens of different areas of the county during my short five months living here. Working in such a small area also provides opportunities to wear more hats, and taking advantage of that will not only make me a better writer, but also allow me to cover the area to the best of my ability and wherever I end up after. 

I’ve seen the community grow and new opportunities around every corner making Lake County one of the staples of innovative thinking and home to some of the most productive individuals I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

And of course, I’m thankful for family, and you should be too. 

Every year we’re faced with challenges that differ from person to person. Being homesick is probably far down the totem pole of the major issues I could be facing, but having family is huge. 

For those of you who are going through hard times, or have found yourself stuck in a rut, trust in family.

If Thanksgiving is to remind us of one thing, it’s just that. Take this time off work to enjoy each other’s company. Reach out to an old friend or test your hand at carving the turkey. 

All in all, make sure to enjoy the moment and have a happy Thanksgiving Lake County. 

— S. Garrett Shaw

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