I headed to what I feel are forgotten parts of nearby places over the weekend, because it beat sitting in the house all day long, catching up on my Netflix shows and telling my dog that I was going to get her Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins sweaters so she can cheer with me when MLB and NFL seasons arise.

This weekend was beautiful and it was very refreshing driving down Hwy 395 and 140 and seeing an abundance of people out and about, just walking or enjoying the snow that’s up on the sidewalks. 

Going down to Alturas on Saturday, I had great company and while I was driving, just seeing the views from Davis Creek were breathtaking, even though there was a lot of mud and I was wearing my casual gentleman’s shoes (or as some people like to call them slippers) I got some pretty cool pictures. 

Sunday, I ventured out to Plush and while the sun was shining, I was poorly dressed (shorts and my casual gentleman’s shoes) once again, but it didn’t stop me from taking in the sights of the snow covered mountains and of course eat at the Hart Mountain Store, because their food is amazing and the last time I was there, I didn’t eat. It was so good, I ordered a second burger for dinner and made sure to keep it far away from my dog, who likes to steal food when I’m not looking. She managed to unwrap two chicken sandwiches and eat them both, while I was taking not even five minutes, checking into the Desert Inn about a month ago. To this day, I have no idea how she was able to do that. 

Plush is a nice quiet little town and the Hart Mountain Store reminds me of Cracker Barrel with how the store looks on the inside.

With all the negative attention surrounding the “state of our town and county” we as residents need to remember how truly blessed we are, to live where we do. Sure, we may not have a Wal-Mart or many luxuries that many of the big cities such as Portland or Bend has, but is that a bad thing? We get to wake up every morning and see the mountains and see the sun peak over those mountains and at night see the sun set behind those mountains. Big city residents wake up and see a bunch of buildings and if its anything like from where I come from, that view includes pollution. 

Every mile was well worth it, despite me being in shorts and watching for snakes, in case one decided to make an appearance, even though in the back of my head, I knew it was still too cold for snakes to pop their ugly heads. 

It was cool to see all the livestock out and about, running around the fields and seeing the lakes and reservoirs so full after the recent snow dump that we experienced just a few short weeks ago. 

I didn’t care how cold I was, (even though I might care if I get sick and have to take a day off of work,) I’m glad I had the opportunity to take these journeys, because I saw so many things that reminded of why Lake County is so great to live in. 

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