Senate seat

I am looking forward to Nov. 8 with an incredible sense of optimism and a profound feeling of oneness with the citizens and our founding principles due to the outpouring of support coming from so many in our phenomenal communities, and the citizen led government designed by our founders. My campaign truly is the epitome of a grassroots campaign, as it was initiated by citizens, not political insiders. In our representative form of government, I can think of no greater honor.

Together, we made history. The primary election this past May was the very first time in Oregon history that Independent voters had a primary like Republicans and Democrats. In their first ever Oregon primary, they knowing nominated me, a Republican, as did Democrats, and over 2,500 fellow Republicans. They took the extraordinary steps of writing in my name AND filling in the oval.

I was honored that the citizens of our county asked me to help restore them to their rightful place as the decision makers in the election process and to take on the task of running a write- in campaign. 

As a pro-life, pro-second amendment conservative, I am steeped in the values of our rural communities. Values that cross party lines. Values that make us special. Values that most of us share.

In Salem, you cannot persuade people you’re unwilling to talk to, and you must persuade fellow legislators to see things your way, especially representing small communities like ours. I am always willing to speak to people, including those I may not agree with about our incredible communities, and ensure they listen to me when I speak about things that are important to us. I will not mistreat them or make it difficult for them to receive me.

I ask for your vote for State Representative 56. 


Al Switzer

Klamath Falls

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