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I am joining Congressman, Greg Walden, Steve Harper, Kelley Minty Morris, Donnie Boyd, Derrick DeGroot, all three Lake County Commissioner’s, five recent Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, and so many other business and community leaders in voting for Al Switzer for Representative, District 56.

Those of us that know Al and have worked with him have seen firsthand his undying love and commitment to our community. He is driven by the tasks at hand, and his workday ends only when he has completed all he can each day.

Al is a man of integrity and a man of faith that treats others with respect. These qualities are essential in opening a dialogue with legislators in Salem, especially those we may all disagree with.

Al does not impugn the character, integrity, or motives of others as he campaigns to represent us. 

I have been disappointed his opponent hasn’t practiced these same values, and it concerns me greatly. If you mischaracterize and mislead the citizens about a fellow Republican, you will probably mistreat people outside your Party. If you can’t treat them properly, with respect, you won’t have a snowball’s chance in persuading them to support Bills that are good for our community, or oppose Bills that aren’t. 

We must send a representative to Salem that can actually achieve results for us, and not send someone that engages in name calling and denigrating others.

We voted for positive change and will have two new commissioners this January. Our new Board of Commissioners has determined that Al Switzer is the person that will help them achieve positive results and end the constant bickering of the past.

Let’s join together in looking forward to a very promising future for our beloved community by voting for Al Switzer for State Representative.

Joe Spendolini

Klamath Falls

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