Every day I can never scroll through social media without seeing something about someone stealing something and it’s mind blowing to me, why that is. These petty thefts are a little ridiculous and it’s not just here, it’s everywhere. My parents just put up cameras at their house because of the recent increase in crime in my old neighborhood. Yes, Fort Worth, Texas is different than Lakeview but the point is why have a life of crime? People that steal bikes or kids toys or vandalize people’s properties, what purpose does it serve? If you want something that bad, be a big boy or girl and go get a job. If you can’t afford it then “oh well” that’s life. Save money and buy it later. 

When I lived in Texas, my dad was the president of the Homeowner’s Association and the lieutenant that worked closely with the Homeowner’s Association would write a monthly column for the newsletter. I swear every month there would always be something in there about people leaving their cars unlocked with valuables such as laptops, money and jewelry in it. If you complain about people stealing your stuff, don’t make criminals jobs easier by giving them easy access. 

Posting on social media isn’t really helping matters either. Sure, you’re getting the word out encouraging everyone to watch their backs and their stuff, but the sad part is with how powerful social media is, you’re just encouraging copycats. 

My mom always told me growing up that “if you’re stupid enough to do the crime, then you have to do the time and your dad and I aren’t going to come bail you out of jail.” Now growing up, I thought that was a little harsh. These were my parents, but now that I’m 26-years-old, I realize that I was scared straight and I see what a life of crime can do to someone.   

I’m so tired of seeing people complain about the police when they get busted or mad when their name shows up in a police report or on a grand jury indictment report. Police reports are public record so don’t get mad at the police when you get busted. They’re just doing their job and you’re just mad that you got caught. Again, if you’re dumb enough to do the crime then you have to grow up and face the music. 

When I worked at Target, one of the last things I saw before I left was someone get busted for stealing a candy bar and a 20 oz. Mr. Pibb soda. A dollar candy bar and a two-dollar soda. Yes I guess a crime could be why a 20 oz. soda is almost $2, but was that really worth it? How worth it was that shoplifting when you have a hefty fine to pay?

I’m not perfect and nobody is. We’re all going to make mistakes as we go through life. This kind of stuff starts at home. My parents taught me from a very young age, what happens when shoplifting, vandalism or any sort of crime occurs. 

While we can’t stop crime all together, we can at least do our part in an attempt to decrease crime by teaching our kids the consequences of what happens. We’re all tempted to do that kind of stuff especially as we hit our teenage years, but if you’re like me and heed your parents teachings from a young age, this kind of stuff won’t happen. 


— Michael Acosta

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