If we’re friends on Facebook, or you flip to the sports pages and pay attention to the bowling results, you’ll notice I bowled my first ever 200 game last week on our Monday night league. It was a big accomplishment for me, considering my first game I couldn’t hit a pin to save my life and I bowled a 100. 

While this year is my first year bowling in a league, I’ve enjoyed bowling my entire life. 

When I lived in the Lone Star state (Texas) my dad and I bowled all the time together and even though I trash talked him and told him I was going to beat him (my trash talk back fired on me horribly and he always beat me). My friends and I had season passes in the summer to hang out and bowl. 

I’ve always noticed there’s always that reluctance or hesitance to get involved in things whether it’s committees or extra curricular things like bowling. Maybe it’s the society we live in, or we’re all afraid we’re going to get judged or made fun of or embarrassed. Who knows what the reason is; I don’t have an answer for that nor do I claim to have the answer. 

When I first moved here almost two years ago, I could’ve easily been a “shut-in” and never left my apartment, except to go to work or the store. New guy in town, doesn’t know anybody, it would’ve been very easy to not do anything. 

Last summer I played in the co-ed softball for the first time in a very long time and while I ended up on crutches leading up to the final tournament, it was a blast meeting new people and being on a team; a team that had my back and encouraged one another. That’s how I feel about bowling this year. My team’s really great and our Monday night league is a lot of fun. Nobody thinks they’re better than everyone else and everyone came up and congratulated me after the feat. I dedicated this season to my grandpa and my dad. My dad still bowls on a Monday night league in Texas and it’s become tradition to text each other before I start to bowl and get tips or complain when I bowl like trash. I know my grandpa is bowling up in heaven and was smiling down on me after my accomplishment. He bowled a 300 when he was a league bowler many years ago and my dad came close with a 287 about three or four years ago. 

I was an Eagle Scout and had a scoutmaster that would always tell us to “get involved” in something; it didn’t matter what it was, he just wanted us to get involved in something that we were passionate about, or that we were interested in.  

My point of all this is to get involved. It doesn’t have to be bowling or softball. There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. Maybe it’s government, or the Historical Society or one of the many clubs and organizations we have in town.

Everyone back home doesn’t believe me or is in disbelief when I tell them about everything that’s going on.  

There’s a lot of things happening and while we’re all busy, we still find some time to take on a little more for the good of the community. One of my goals for 2019, is to become more involved in any way possible. I’m glad I’ve participated in various things.


— Michael Acosta  

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