Hospital Communications

Rude! I tried to contact the clinic on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016. I had a simple question. Can I get a flue shot? I chose the choice on the recording to get an appointment, as what I thought would be the most logical choice to actually talk to someone. The recording told me this person wasn’t in today.

This is Rude! Isn’t the hospital for the citizens of Lake County? If I remember right we approved a bond not too long ago. So we are paying for something we can’t contact or have any say in the management of? This is Rude! 

The staff is very apologetic and sympathetic. The decision to be rude must be coming from the management. We have such a wonderful facility that we are willing to pay for, too bad we have to feel like we the citizens and patients aren’t a part of our own hospital. 


Ralph Paull


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Maybe they had to get their flu shot, was that one day or more. Thats not rude thats life.Have a nice day

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