Justice Served   

I appreciate the work of Rep. Greg Walden persevering until justice was accomplished in the case of Dwight and Steven Hammond. 

I am grateful to President Trump for reviewing this case and seeing his way clear to right a terrible injustice. 

Hopefully these Eastern Oregon families can put their lives back together and once again enjoy the unique life of the high desert. 

I trust their experience will not be in vain and all involved will have learned from what has transpired and save other ranchers from such a fate. 

Government has its place but not when it over reaches to “shock the conscience” as was stated by Federal Judge Michael Hogan, who presided over the case and used his discretion in sentencing. 

These men have more than served their time and I am so happy to see this ridiculous decision overruled, and the Hammond’s pardoned.

Cheryl Cruson



Question of the Day

How many people in Lakeview know the fine for talking on your cell phone while driving went up July 1 to $1,000 for first offense and $2,500 for the second offense?

I’m guessing that not many people do since I see any where between 50-100 people a day breaking the law like they have lots of extra money lying around they don’t need.

I know there will be people mad at me for this letter and that’s fine, be mad at me. Just please, start following the laws so you don’t have to explain to the police when you cause a wreck and kill someone that you thought your right to drive distracted was more important then their right to live.

P.S. Common sense is still free.

Jeff Osberg



Editorial Comment

Regarding Tillie Flynn’s piece, American Pride, in which she suggests that we support the president, because “he was elected,” and “keep an open mind” about differing opinions: In a New York Times opinion piece written in 1934, Henry Cadbury argued for civility toward Nazis. Rather than protest against Hitler, he suggested “If Jews throughout the world try to instill into the minds of Hitler and supporters recognition of the ideals for which the race stands, and if Jews appeal to the German sense of justice and the German national conscience, I am sure the problem will be solved more effectively and earlier than otherwise.” Over six million people were murdered.

As a mother, and as a human, I cannot respect or be civil to anyone who thinks that ripping children, including infants, away from their parents is justifiable. The immigration policy that separates children from parents and keeps them in cages is immoral and sickening. Can you stand by while children are screaming and vomiting from trauma?

For those who say this is punishment for illegal immigration: How lucky you are. You’ve never been in a fight-or-flight  situation, in which you are escaping violence, lawlessness, starvation. You have no idea how it feels to be in such panic that you simply must run. Torturing children and their parents is cruel and unusual punishment for such a minor “crime.”

Let’s embody the U.S. constitution and speak up fearlessly against the inhumae policies of a cruel president. Let us practice compassion and help those in need. That would be something to be proud of.

Mary Pearce

Towson, MD

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