Disagrees with Sheriff’s Advertisement


With all due respect, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office should not use David Sanchez as its poster child in its “Fallen Brothers” advertisement in the Lake County Examiner. Sanchez and Rick Emery were both young men, loved by many, and had past records. 

Thirty-eight years ago (allegedly) Sanchez left a party in Paisley and went to the Paisley football field where Rick Emery was causing trouble. Sanchez, much bigger than Emery, placed Emery into Emery’s own truck.   

Sanchez drove Emery’s truck 1.2 miles south to the Barry (ZX) Junction, scuffling all the way. Sanchez grabbed Emery’s racked 5mm and fired it inside the truck where one bullet hole was found. Emery defended himself with a .22 that was hidden under the truck seat. 

The whole episode was a horrific, bizarre experience for Lake County and the involved families. Why does the Sheriff’s Office want to pour salt in their wounds four decades later? Those ripped apart by Sanchez’s passing still live here, and they meet each day - in their businesses, churches, on their ranches and at their social gatherings. And they are finished crying. 

The Governor pardoned Emery. The Sanchez family and the Emery family have moved on, and so should the Sheriff’s Office. 

Doing so would provide an opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office to show what its really good at - diligence in keeping fellow officers and Lake County safe, and a mutual respect for its people. 

A new advertisement might run something like this: “The Sheriff’s Office wishes to honor a woman whose 1,000s of hours of selfless volunteering has made Lake County a better place to live - Mrs. David Sanchez”.


Beverly E. Hills




State budget


Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown recently released her new budget for the next two years. In summary, her plan calls for:  Increasing taxes on alcohol, tobacco, hospitals, insurers and some corporation owners- Making deep cuts to other programs and holding back money sought by social services and universities. - Protecting funding for K-12 education. As I said during the campaign, the problem with Oregon’s fiscal problems does not sit on the revenue side of the ledger. The Oregon Treasury Department recently received record levels of revenue, yet the governor believes that increasing taxes is still an acceptable solution. We just saw Ballot Measure 97 go down in defeat. The clear message from Oregonians is they do not believe raising their taxes is the answer. Suppose Nike reported a record amount of shoe and apparel sales for 2016, yet the company lost $1.4 billion. Would we think they need to sell more or that they should raise their prices? No. Any first year business student would point to their cost structure as being the problem. Budget cuts would be made immediately to get back to a state of sustainability. In Oregon it is time for a new approach. 

It is time for a new direction. It is time to do what each of us does when our spending outpace our wallets — cut our expenses. This is never fun. This is never easy. However, I am not going to Salem for fun or for a good time. I am going to Salem to do the best thing for all the people in Oregon, which is to bring common sense and transparency back to government by limiting its size and scope. Only then will Oregon lead in innovation, education, employment and income.

E. Werner Reschke




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