Hugh Palcic is running to serve the citizens of Oregon Senate District 28. To those within his district, you are in luck. I should know, I lived in the Sunriver community that Hugh managed, and held a seat on the Sunriver Board of Directors as his employer for six years. I urge you to support him as I am certain that he will deliver for you as he has for Sunriver.

Full disclosure, I am a dyed in the wool Republican who has worked in the timber industry throughout my life. I can also say - without any hesitation - that the current political leadership of Oregon does not sit well with me. Putting it mildly, very mildly, I’m not a fan. But that only makes my endorsement of Hugh Palcic, a Democrat, more remarkable.

Throughout his tenure, Hugh has delivered on major infrastructure projects – many of which his predecessors attempted and failed to accomplish. His string of community accomplishments is a direct result of his ability to bring people together and gain consensus, along with his ability to deftly negotiate.

Additionally, wildfire preparedness and the ability to mitigate wildfire conditions are key concerns for our region. Under Hugh’s leadership and fiscal management, he successfully increased wildfire mitigation efforts, year after year.

For years, Hugh has cultivated relationships at the state and federal level, addressing issues such as endangered species, rail safety, land use, and water for Central Oregon. As Senator, Hugh will leverage those relationships, delivering for the district - day one.

I know Hugh and what he can do. He will always put public service and delivering results before partisanship. As a life-long Republican, I cannot think of a better way to effectively deliver much needed change both at home and in Salem than voting for Hugh Palcic in November.

David Jendro


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