Socialism has failed in every nation and country it was imposed

“The American Socialist tradition is noble”, so stated a misinformed letter writer in the Wednesday, Jan. 6 Klamath Falls Herald and News.

Must this writer be reminded socialism has failed in every nation and country it was imposed? How did socialism work in Venezuela under the late Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez? Bear in mind the murderous French Revolution (1789-1799) which sowed not the seeds of both World War 1 (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945) and modern Totalitarian National Socialism: Communist, Nazi, and Fascist regimes.

View the 2008 online YouTube video “The Soviet Story.” Yes…..both the murderous Nazi SS (includes the Gestapo) and Soviet NKVD from the Hitler/Stalin era were Totalitarian National Socialists. As was Benito Mussolini: Fascist Dictator of Italy, Juan Peron of Argentina, and Francisco Franco of Spain during the 20th century.

The 30 minute online video “Overview of America” at explains this in considerable depth. Finally “The House Of Terror” in Budapest, Hungary” at You Tube likewise delves into the political violence, terror, and mass murder of both the Nazis and Communists, up to 1945 when World War II ended, and the decades beyond. The Anti-Semitic Hungarian Arrow Cross and Romanian Iron Guard (both National Socialist and Fascist) is mentioned in graphic detail.

If socialism is so great, then why have generations of political refuges sought escape from this evil godless system of genocide, mass killing, and enslavement?

James Farmer

Merrill, OR

To incarcerate anyone in our jail is cruel and inhumane

During the summer of 2012, I was informed by the grandparents of the incarcerated of their grandson in the Lake County Jail. Their greatest concern was that he had been there for over one year.

I mentioned this situation to the recently appointed District Attorney Ulys Stapleton. Later in early 2013, Stapleton related a happening in court about the inmates family members. Their grandson had been sentenced to five plus years in the State Prison. After the sentencing he heard family members crying in the courtroom. He went over to explain to them why the five plus year sentence was given. They replied to him that they were not crying because of the sentence. They were crying because of the grandson would no longer be held in the Lake County Jail.

I noticed in the Jan. 21, 2021, issue of LCE that a 25-year-old man had been sentenced to 160 days in the Lake County Jail. No one should be incarcerated in the Lake County Jail for 160 days! Were they’re no other options? Could he not be sent to the Klamath County Jail or even State Prison.

Our County Jail was built in 1957, it is approximately 65 years old! To incarcerate anyone in our jail is cruel and inhumane.

If you question my opinion of the jail, ask Sheriff Michael Taylor for a tour of the Lake County Jail.

Orlando Gonzales

Lakeview, OR

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