I live outside of Hugh Palcic’s Senate district by a matter of a handful of miles, but I — along with 4,200 other property owners in Sunriver — have been the beneficiary of his stewardship, vision and courageous advocacy for many years. As past association board president for the community, I have had the opportunity to watch Hugh at work and can attest to his abilities that delivered, time and again, for our community as its general manager. His strengths are many and, when coupled with his background and education, they show that Hugh Palcic is the obvious choice to represent you in the Oregon Senate.

Hugh is fiscally disciplined, something much needed in Salem right now. Year after year, Hugh produced balanced budgets for our community, and year after year, he delivered year-end surpluses. He created and funded the community’s first-ever “rainy day” fund, a fund that proved quite helpful in the face of our current economic downturn. Alongside Hugh’s fiscal record are his visionary, long-range planning abilities. So, should you hear Hugh talk about infrastructure projects and his plans to accomplish them, just know that he can deliver.

However, Hugh’s best traits don’t appear in any ledger sheet or with the numerous projects that he has delivered. Rather, his ability to listen to all voices and bring everyone together is what sets him apart from many, what makes him a true leader. And it’s Hugh’s courage to advocate for what’s right, not just what is convenient or most expedient, that makes him a true leader.

Considering the significant challenges before our state right now, we desperately need strong leaders in Salem who not only know how to get things done, but actually have a record to back that up. Vote for results, vote for Hugh Palcic.

Pat Hensley


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