Dear Editor;

      The most vulgar man in America reigns; ignoring, or burning, laws, regulations, and the Constitution. For corporations being allowed to enter the most significant natural resources deserving protection, and destroy them with mining and drilling, all is well. Grazing fees are at the lowest amount allowed by law, far below fair market value, welfare ranching, by corporations actually, NOT “mom and pop” operations. Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on his golf excursions.

        Gutting social programs like Social Security, that is funded by premiums, not adding to the deficit, cutting “benefits” earned by soldiers with their BLOOD, while he skated at the opportunity to serve with alleged bone spurs.

        Want to commit crimes, like fraud, or just well, TREASON, and walk? Just kiss his ring, or if you choose, his anatomy.

        Tell the truth, testify to the Congress about the facts, serve your country with honor and integrity? YOU’RE FIRED!

        There are hundreds of individual actions, like “tweets” that admit guilt, complicity, graft, and lies; aren’t enough to sway his base.

        He has not drained a swamp, he’s toxified the most vile and dangerous cesspool on the planet. Climate change only threatens all life on the planet, but profit now is more important than posterity.

        Congress has a job to do. Sadly, the 25th Amendment doesn’t give them the role to act on it. We have a POTUS who should be sitting in Bedlam, not the Oval Office. And the world is at risk. Let alone our Democracy.

Doug Troutman

Lakeview, OR

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