Unable to serve the needs of people, the current political and economic systems around the world are leaving millions of people disenfranchised and demanding change. As many people look to the useless and tired ways of the past for solutions, the young and young at heart aspire to create a world of love, brotherhood, sharing, cooperation, justice, freedom, and unity in diversity. Thankfully, at this pivotal moment help is at hand.

All of the world’s major religions expect the return of a great teacher: Christ, Imam Mahdi, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Krishna, and the Messiah. However, these are not names of a person, but rather a position better known simply as the Teacher. Maitreya is the personal name of the World Teacher. On July 19, 1977 He descended from His Himalayan retreat, traveled by foot to Pakistan, and then traveled by airplane to London, UK, hence fulfilling the prophecy He made 2,000 years ago through Jesus that He would return by way of the clouds.

However, Maitreya is not a religious teacher. Rather, He is a “spiritual” teacher in the broadest sense of the word. His guidance will help humanity move beyond the present morass.

Maitreya’s message is simple: we are all brothers, and only by equitably sharing the world’s bountiful resources among all people will we manifest love, justice, freedom, unity, and brotherhood. And justice will lead to trust between people and nations, leading to global disarmament and true world peace.

An economic collapse is looming, freeing mankind from its enthrallment with materialism. Soon after Maitreya will hold a press conference and speak about mankind’s problems. This will eventually lead the world’s major media to invite Him to address the world: the Day of Declaration. This should all take place within the next few years.


Jason Francis

Clarksburg, MA

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