Although its been six months since I got my dog, Lilly, it feels like years.

I was lucky enough to adopt my Border Collie and Labrador mix from an older lady in New Pine Creek that just couldn’t take care of the number of dogs she had at the time. 

Lilly is needy, obsessive sometimes, and can howl for hours it seems. She is probably upset because I’m not constantly petting her. However, before ever meeting my human friends in Lakeview, Lilly was the friend and reason I got out and explored the area. 

From the Soroptimist Park to walks out by Dog Lake, Lakeview and Lake County have a lot of open spaces and plenty of places to roam with your furry little friend. A car trip with the radio on and, when the weather is nice, the windows rolled down is unbeatable as long as you can avoid the stray hairs of your dog coming back to your eyes and mouth. 

It seems like everyone in town is the proud owner of a dog, and for the right reasons. I was lucky enough to be around some friends with some of the sweetest pooches I’ve met like Dusty and Jenny. 

For me, Lilly has been one of the best things in my life and in Lakeview. However, I’ve heard and seen the vast amount of dog issues around the town and especially those roaming the streets. 

Stray dogs and just some that have wandered off have bothered individuals and created a sometimes unsafe feeling in the community. Although I personally haven’t seen this in town, I have thought a lot about the issue at hand and what Lakeview has done about it.

Recently, those dogs in need with winter now in full bloom have received a great deal of support and I am impressed with the outstretched arms of individuals bringing in dogs and also those places that act as a safe haven for these animals. 

Whether it’s the adoption of a dog with no owner that comes forward, or just bringing the good boy or girl into your home until the owner is found, this town cares not only about doing the right thing, but about the feeling of a family that might have had their furry member of the family wander off. 

Social media has been a huge outlet in not only getting people together to identify a possible owner, but include recommendations with the care of someone’s dog. 

I hope this support continues past when the weather changes and dogs are seen more often. 

Either way, the love and support for not only the health and safety of man’s best friend is refreshing to see. 

I know that if Lilly ever needed help and I wasn’t able to, someone would treat her in the exact same way I do every day. Maybe a few less treats though. 


— S. Garrett Shaw

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