Back during the Carter Administration, an effort was started to “consolidate” Interior and Agriculture, BLM and National Park Service, with Forest Service, management. The effort was rejected when the differences in agency duties were recognized.

Zinke’s current effort is to DESTROY and PRIVATIZE all public land management by the Federal Government! National Monuments, Bears Ears, and others are being torn apart to allow mining and drilling to destroy critical paleontology and other natural resource values. Zinke has been working to also turn management of FEDERAL lands, belonging to ALL OF US, over to the states, or private (read corporate) interests.

Everything I spent my career at NPS and BLM doing to PROTECT these public lands, yes, to include viable multiple use, not just “locking up” the land, is threatened.

To make a brief statement for those wanting privatization; Federal grazing fees are this year $1.41 per animal unit month on public land. On PRIVATE land, grazing in Oregon is an average of $16.50 per AUM, in South Dakota, private is $31.50 /aum, California $20.60, Montana-$24.50 AUM. Now I ask ranchers as one set of users, do you REALLY think privatization is a good deal??

Now as to National parks, they also want to raise fees, hugely, to reflect more like Disneyland, where daily entrance is around $100 per person. Needless to say what will happen when Zinke and friends working for Trump sell off the public lands. Oh, and about the EPA? Don’t you love that coal slurry in your drinking water they just authorized coal companies to go back to dumping in our rivers?

Zinke is what you do drinking from a straw- at his best.


Doug Troutman


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