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For a country built on the basis of free speech, social media has emboldened odd times, creating an uninhibited pathway to hatred and baseless claims. It is been disheartening to see Lake County social life become centralized around Facebook, and the amount of mob-like accusations that follow.

As sports are practically in full swing, with pro and college football and the MLB post season being the prominent focus, it’s an exciting time to be a sports team and to be a fan with practically all the county sports teams heading into action this week. 

Being that I’m now a first time pet owner, sometimes my dog Ellie does things that send me into panic mode like what happened over the weekend. 

Attending the Lake County Community Justice luncheon last week, I really enjoyed listening to Jake Greer’s speech talking about how much he enjoys coming to work each day and how much he values each of his employees and the contributions they make to the team.

Ever since moving to Lake County, I have a greater appreciation for rodeo and it’s something that I will now watch on YouTube when I’m scrolling through looking at various videos.