Being that I’m now a first time pet owner, sometimes my dog Ellie does things that send me into panic mode like what happened over the weekend. 

Over the weekend, my dog came with me to the Mile High Striders “Hot August Nights” poker run and was a big hit amongst everyone that was there. I joked that she was putting on an act and is never this mellow when she and I are hanging out in my apartment. 

Saturday morning, she woke me up at 6:30 a.m. with the sound of her licking her blanket on her doggy bed. Being that I was really groggy, I thought that someone was doing some construction and I looked over and she just stopped mid-lick and darted under my bed because she thought she was in trouble.

Long story short, she had an accident at some point in the middle of the night and I took her outside and she started peeing blood and I immediately started panicking a little bit. 

She was still acting normal, but I really wasn’t sure what to do. I started looking online, which was a big mistake and for whatever reason, I didn’t think that the Animal Hospital was open on Saturdays (spoiler alert, they are in case there’s anybody out there like me, who didn’t know that) and almost put her in the car to drive to Klamath, hoping that they could squeeze me in and figure out what was wrong with her. 

Before leaving, I looked up the hours and thank god they were open and yes they do take walk-in appointments. 

The staff at the hospital was great and Ellie was in pet heaven with all of the people around and the smell of pet in the air. She was more than willing to cooperate with everyone, except when it was time to get her temperature taken and to step on the scale. She managed to get one paw on the scale, before I had to pick her up and set her down to get her weight. 

We are so fortunate to have the services we do in Lake County. Sure, we don’t have a Walmart or Costco or Taco Bell or Panda Express, but we do have places such as a hospital and an animal hospital with staff that truly cares. The staff there was so nice and helpful and really helped put my mind at ease. 

I’m glad my dog was still acting normal, because with each moment that passed there was a lump in my throat and I’m pretty sure at one point, I was struggling to form a complete thought. 

Instead of complaining what we don’t have, be thankful for what we do have; which is many times local people and local businesses, who care about the greater good of the community and have the people and the communities best interest in mind. 

To the staff at the animal hospital and Dr. Ferry, the vet on call, thank you for taking my dog on such short notice and for helping calm my nerves. 

What they did, is what customer service is all about and I know my dog appreciates you, as do I. 


Michael Acosta 

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