Spring’s Thaw

It’s no secret that this past winter was particularly ugly as far as the weather was concerned. 

There were numerous car accident due to slick roads, creating mild frustration for some and sorrow and heartache for others. Cars got stuck in thick snow. The chore to shovel out walkways and driveways seemed to be unending. Plans to travel might have been delayed because the weather proved to be too much of threat. Lawnmowers and their respective chore stayed dormant in place of snow blowers and shovels.

Without the numbers behind it and just experience backing up these claims, it was maybe one for the ages, though I only have been in the area for not even three years so the stories of even wintry winters could be told at length. 

Yet, wherever you are located or however many winter crises you overcame, it’s always nice to see the cold, blustery weather take a break until the Earth rotates again on its access in two short seasons. 

Spring break just ended, giving students, teachers and other workers a nice breather and refresher to come back to the workforce or classroom and get back to work until the eventual lead up to summer and Fair and Round-Up. 

Not to jinx it, but I hope that the weather has turned pleasant until at least September. This is coming from a northwest Washington native, whose favorite forecast is overcast along with a sprinkle of rain. 

With the change of seasons comes the world waking up from its cold state. Instead of being curled up in a ball covered in blankets, outside seems more of the place to be. Whether it’s going for walks or runs around town, going to the park, or watching a game at a local diamond, it’s almost as if the outside has woken up from its long slumber. Though basketball season was comfortable in doors with its high energy play as the players played off of the crowd, there is something to be said with track and field season. It’s more relaxed atmosphere includes middle and high school athletes demonstrating different skill sets based on their natural talents out in the open is a breath of fresh air is a long way away from the core team sports. Of course, there’s always America’s favorite pastime in baseball and softball, a leisurely entertaining outlet that is always accompanied with the smell of fresh cut grass and concession stand hot dogs. Spring also includes a spread of other sports such as Equestrian, golf, disc golf and more to get us out moving once again.

When everything “wakes up” it also means that everything starts to grow, which can be a good and bad thing for homeowners. For me, it means making sure that lawnmower I bought last year still works, sweeping out a dusty garage from mud carried in from the car and a load of other chores around the house to make it just a bit more pleasant. This could also mean the infamous “spring cleaning” tradition that makes children groan and mom’s over-excitement to drown them out. At least, this was my experience growing up. 

The county is just waking up, with a variety of opportunities waiting around the corner. It’s just a matter of finding one just for you.

— Jimmy Hall 

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