Remember - Safe Practices

With news of the two most recent fires, one out near Plush and the Bryant Mountain Fire, it’s unfortunate that wildfire season is upon us. 

Now when I think of summer, I think of camping, sports, hiking and multiple trips to the beach and other bodies of water. Summers in Texas consisted of getting all my errands and working done in the morning, so in the afternoon I could be in front of the air conditioner. 

On my trip to Christmas Valley last week, I was still a little sad driving by Ana Reservoir and how burnt the ground in that community looks. It’s made great strides this past winter and fall, but it still has a long ways to go and it’s sad how that fire started, because of someone’s carelessness.  

The BLM, Smokey Bear, Forest Service and other government agencies aren’t kidding when they talk about safe fire practices and safe practices in general. This time of year, it doesn’t take much to start a fire, because the ground is so dry, due to lack of precipitation. 

As human beings, it’s very easy to think bad or catastrophic things won’t happen to us, whether it’s because we think we’ve had our dose of bad luck, or because we think we are very lucky people. 

As people, our lives can change in an instant and I always think back to the amount of damage that was done with each of the fires last year. Here in the town of Lakeview, we were lucky as none of the fires came all that close, but I think of all the people, maybe not in Lake County, but across the nation that lost their houses and their belongings due to wildfires. 

We as Americans need to do our part in keeping and preserving our forests and lands. 

I know we can’t prevent fires entirely, because sometimes freak things just happen. 

I know it’s been said before, but we owe a big thank you to those first responders; the BLM, Forest Service, Fire Department and anyone else that goes out and fights wildfires during the summer. They’re the ones that keep the fires contained as best they can and keep it away from town. 

These interagencies are here for a reason and they do a great job with giving updates and answering any questions that we may have regarding what we can and cannot burn. 

There’s no such thing as a dumb question. If you have a question ask, these employees are here for us and care about the county and the town as much as we do. These warnings aren’t to be taken lightly and are there for a reason. 

So let’s have a safe, fun summer and remember to stay safe. There’s a reason why Lakeview and the rest of Lake County continues to stay beautiful. It’s because we take such good care of it and are careful. 

Don’t get me wrong, my hometown is beautiful, but there’s way too much pollution, littering and smog for my liking. 


— Michael Acosta

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