Beautifying the County 

One takeaway I get whenever I speak with any Lake County local is the beauty of the county. As I have lived her nearly three years, I can see where they are coming from. The summer sunsets, the fresh white powder that sprinkles the nearby mountains, the clear blue skies, all of which I’m pretty certain we saw last week, and more that anyone can point toward definite trademarks of the aesthetic wonder that can capture the eye. 

Yet, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

As a Washington state native, I enjoy those overcast days with a light rain and cool breeze. Here, many would call that a “bad day of weather,” while I call it a refreshing break. 

As we sit on the precipice of spring, I slightly cringe at the thought of days where it will reach the high 90’s on the thermometer that holds onto those four to five months through Lake County Fair and Round-Up and maybe into October. 

Regardless of whether you fall in love with the beauty that the county affords year to year or you could take it or leave it, there is something to be said about the look that the our local communities have that we can control, even though we can’t control the weather or the shades in the sunsets. 

Recently, the county put in work to refine its nuisance ordinance along with hiring a specific worker to handle any complaints since it wasn’t clear before where they should go and be handled at the county. A good part of the population of the county is in the south side of the county and within the Town of Lakeview boundaries, though the demand for a dedicated worker came from the north end. With the exception of the City of Paisley, the majority of land is under county rule.

I remember sitting in meetings and hearing the concerns of citizens about their neighbors debris that may affect surrounding land pricings. Though I’m no expert and don’t have a strong opinion, I can be empathetic for this cause. It was a great show of local politics in action. 

It showed that when there are enough voices in support of one action, a change can be made to hopefully make the county even more pleasing for those who live within its boundaries, visitors and those who may be eyeing the possibility of moving in if it’s right. 

Though it is just one person at the county level working to help landowners keep things respectable, it can be the work of the regular citizen to help out in that regard. 

This weekend, Lakeview Community Partnership will bring out forces to do a bit of cleaning around the neighborhood. The organization with the initial goal of celebrating and promoting the Lakeview community has organized ways to get rid of undesirable objects that may crowd our lawns. 

I implore any who have an inkling to do some spring cleaning on their property  to do so this weekend and throughout the “good” weather season. 

Spring has come, a good time start again to make our living spaces the best they can be, in order to make the entire community that much more pleasing for all.


— Jimmy Hall

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