It’s certainly an emotional moment, as this is my last Outback Observations for the Lake County Examiner. 

As many of you may have heard, I’m leaving Lakeview after nearly two and a half years. For those who I haven’t spoken with yet, or don’t know, I have accepted a job in Azle, Texas, which is about 20 miles east of where I grew up. I’ll be the sports editor at the newspaper there, where I’ll be supervising a staff with more responsibility and of course covering the backbone of Texas; Football. 

The decision to leave wasn’t an easy one, as I’ve really come to love Lakeview over the last two years. But, I have really lofty career goals and very high expectations for myself as I hope to be on ESPN or broadcast for the Minnesota Twins one day and this move is a big step in my career. 

I’ve grown a lot as a person and as a journalist in the last two years that will serve me well as I look towards the future. When I first started, I knew very little about general news as I had been a sports guy my entire life and now I feel like I can write anything. 

I enjoyed every second of being in Lakeview. Waking up to the view of the mountains every day, exploring various hiking spots, the sunsets and the people I bowled and played softball with. 

I’ll miss the people the most. My first event was the Mile High Striders annual Memorial Day run/walk and my first interview was Shirlee Padget, the oldest woman to do the annual Sunflower for Noni Color Run/Walk. 

I can’t write this final Observation without thanking my boss and Gen. Mgr., Tillie Flynn for teaching me a lot about how journalism works from both the advertising and editorial side, giving me leads on articles in the farm/ranch community. I think most importantly, she pushed me hard each and every day to be the best journalist I could possibly be and get the most out of each article I wrote. She took a chance on me two years ago and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities she gave me. 

To our Office Mgr., Charley “The G.O.A.T.” Tracy, thank you for the opportunity to bowl on your team last year and that memorable run we had in the Monday Night Mixed League. Everyone on our team bowled 200 games last season and you carried us most of the season teaching me a lot about the game and gave me much to strive for as I continue bowling in the Lone Star State. 

I also have to thank Marcie Wade and Roger Singleton at KORV 93.5 “The Goose” for giving me the opportunity to broadcast on the radio. My fall back has always been radio, if T.V. doesn’t happen and getting to broadcast that game in Paisley allowed me to really hone my craft, although it was odd doing it without my partner Roger. Marcie always let me record commercials and I’ll forever be grateful to them for the opportunities they gave me. 

To the Lakeview Town Council, Lake County School District No. 7 schools and board, Lake County ESD, Lake County Commissioners, Paisley School District and everyone I’ve ever spoken with about an article or attended a meeting, I thank you for being such great partners to me and all teaching me something about how the business works. 

There are countless other people I have to give a shout out too, but unfortunately I only have so much room in this column. My last day may be in two days, but I hope to make it around to each one of you and give a personalized thank you. If I don’t make it around, just know how much you meant to me during my time here. 

I won’t be going back to Texas alone, my dad is flying up this weekend to drive with me and of course I’ll have my pooch Ellie in the backseat. 

Lakeview and Lake County will always have a special place in my heart as I continue on in my career. 

Don’t be a stranger and I won’t either, I’m on social media! Look me up!

Until next time… stay cool Lake County.


 — Michael Acosta

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