Lakeview and northern Lake County are a lot more alike than people believe. 

Regardless of the population, opportunities, scenery and everything in between, I’ve found being the County Reporter that the main item that makes this entire County special is the community. 

Although Lakeview Announcements is sometimes a breeding ground for negativity, unnecessary comments and everything in between, I’ve found that it’s also a place for an outpouring of support. 

I’ve written hundreds of stories throughout the year I’ve been living in Lakeview. Dozens of different people, businesses, events and more, but one thing has always been the same. Support is there.

New businesses come and go, ownership changes and people move on from things, but I’ve always found that on social media and by word of mouth, support is a real thing that stretches across the County’s 8,500 square miles. Although these community pages are titled as each respective city along the way, there is an almost brotherhood mentality that I think people don’t realize. 

I remember when I moved here that I had heard of a disconnect between north and south in this County and I honestly haven’t seen it. People want to know about North Lake, Paisley, Lakeview and even the surrounding areas that don’t have schools.

News is news, and good or bad, the support has been evident.

Unfortunately it took this past weekend’s car crash on Saturday, June 15 for me to truly realize it. Posting on the Examiner’s Facebook page regarding the accident lead to prayers, thoughts and worry from across the county. 

There are thousands of these types of accidents a day in the United States. Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, which on average comes to 3,287 deaths a day, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. 

Although we may never experience one, our loved ones might. 

It’s never comfortable making that information public knowledge, but I think this place has a different feel to the news. 

The more people know, the more they want to help. Whether that’s with money, kind words or a helping hand, someone is there for each other in times of hardship. 

But it isn’t just during hardships.

I’ve seen this support recently with business transitions as well. Lakeview Auto Repair recently changed hands to Ryan and Amy Peterson and during my interview with the couple, they constantly pointed out the incredible reaction and support they received in such a short time.

Not heavily active on social media, the duo actually took to their daughter’s page and saw the kind words and well wishes from everyone in the area. 

Although the family has been around Lakeview for the last 20 years, it was like they just moved here and were starting up their own business. 

I’ve found if you do good word, are respectful and handle your business professionally, people will appreciate what you do. I’m lucky to be in the position I am only because I get to see all of these things first hand and of course report on them. 

Things have changed dramatically in this County, but I hope that this piece of Lake County never does. 

— S. Garrett Shaw

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