As we turned our clocks to fall back an hour, fall is officially in full swing, but dwindling away just as fast as it came.

The leaves on the ground will be soon be covered in snow, our light jackets will turn into full-blown coats and we’ll have to dig out those gloves and winter hats from our drawers. 

Everyone has a favorite time of year. You can be a beach bum, a fall freak, winter warrior or a spring supporter, but I’m here to tell you why the transition from fall to winter should be your favorite time of year and how Lakeview has reinforced it all for me.

From the turning of the leaves to beautiful oranges, reds and yellows, the crunching of leaves beneath your boots, the early mornings and the even earlier nights, football and flannel season and of course, the holidays – fall and winter are associated with all of these things that bring a grin across our faces. 

As Halloween wrapped up last week and I witnessed the dozens of trick or treaters eager to fill their bags with candy, I realized how fast the time flies by. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I know some of you out there would like to skip straight to Christmas. 

I’ve been living in Lakeview for a short four months and I’ve noticed a few things living here that make the transition from fall to winter in Lakeview the perfect mix of cold mornings and balmy afternoons. 

The coffee shops throughout town are fully stocked with pumpkin spice everything and my inner “white girl” senses are tingling like Spiderman a block away from crime.

The trails behind the swimming pool and “the L” are changing like a chameleon, creating an even more amazing and temperature-bearing spectacle. 

Safeway has brought out its apple cider and hot chocolate and shops in town are are in the mist of their transition to the upcoming winter, unboxing their warm clothes and seasonal items. 

Tall Town Bike & Camp is getting ready to put your winter tires on that bike, the Gathering Place is looking forward to playing host to long hours of great conversation and I’m struggling to wake up for my dogs morning bathroom break, just to catch a few more perfectly comfortable and warm “Zs”.

Since I was little my mom would always giggle with joy at the sight of snow and I’ve quickly adopted that same excitement. Living in Lakeview has gotten me excited for the chance to learn how to snowboard at the Warner Canyon Ski Area and embrace a snow in the mountains. Unfortunately, I’ve heard the snow is a 50/50 chance, but I’m hoping my Ohio background will bring some of that lake effect snow out west.

Of course I’m excited for the holidays, but being 2500 miles from home, I’ve come to embrace the little things that make a seasonal change so exciting.

So make sure to lace up your boots, get out your oversized jackets and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. The transition from fall to winter can be a brutal one, but in Lakeview there’s dozens of ways to bring in the change. 


— S. Garrett Shaw

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