Oregon weather is starting to remind me a little bit of Texas weather with the fact that you can fit three or four seasons into one day. 

Just to put in perspective the kind of weather we’ve been having, I talked with Lakeview baseball coach Pat Petersen and softball coach Sam Damuth and they were forced to cancel two of their games, because of close to two feet of snow and then a solid layer of ice underneath. It was a similar situation up in North Lake on their field and on Paisley’s track. 

It was so nice to see the sun shining at last weekend’s Irish Days. While there may not have been the same number of events as in year’s past, the weather brought out what felt like the whole community for the Parade and E street was lined with patrons eager to see who would come out on top during the Outhouse races. 

The mass crowds reminded me of what it felt like to be here during say the 1950s. While I certainly wasn’t around in the 50s, I go through our archives every other month in doing the Examining the Past. 

Spring seems to bring out better attitudes in people and I don’t mean that in a negative way, everyone just seems to have a “spring” in their step (no pun intended).

For me personally, seeing all of the kids go by in the various floats, throwing candy out into the streets, while many of their parents walked behind them or drove the float and seeing everybody out socializing at one time or another is what it means to be in a small town. 

Last weekend gave many an opportunity to just go out and enjoy the sunshine and forget about if they had a bad week at work, or their car broke down or whatever the reason may be. 

We’re fortunate in a lot of ways. Traffic in Lakeview is 10 cars going by on F street at the noon lunch hour. We don’t face near the amount of pollution that cities such as Portland, Los Angeles and pretty much every city in Texas face. 

We should be fortunate, instead of scrutinizing that Sen. Merkley, Rep. Walden and Sen. Wyden came to Lake County, be glad that they at least they came to Lake County. Let’s face it, they could’ve easily gone to Bend, Eugene, Portland or a much larger city. I get it, they’re politicians and are used to facing scrutiny because they help make the decisions that impact us as citizens. 

Bottom line though, it’s spring time and with the amount of snow and moisture on the ground, let’s hope and pray that this leads to a much more mild fire season. Last year was awful with the wildfires forcing the cancellation of many fun summer events. 

Call me crazy, but I think that Irish Days started what feels like the unofficial start of spring in what is going to be a good summer as we lead into the 100th year of the Lake County Round Up and other various projects that our local officials are hard at work trying to put together. 

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