Say what you want about Lakeview, but one thing that this town has no shortage of, is unity and support and you see it everywhere you go. 

The sports teams all support one another. The boy’s basketball team is having a down start to their year, but that doesn’t stop the fans from packing Honker court each and every home game to cheer them on. The girl’s team currently is ranked fifth in the state and the stands are packed each home game just to watch them play. And from what I’ve heard, Lakeview travels very well. I’ve listened to some of the radio broadcasts and have seen the live feeds and there are tons of people that support Lakeview and Lake County in general. Just a few weeks ago, when Paisley’s JV and varsity teams played Lakeview, many Paisley fans made the trip to support their team. 

Every day I find myself more and more amazed by this small town. 

Businesses can struggle at any point during the year, but the amount of business sponsorship and support that these kids get is phenomenal. Seems like every place I go, whether it’s a sporting event or just a regular event happening around town, it feels like the entire town is there and it’s awesome. 

These student athletes work hard and it makes it more impressive that these students don’t just do sports and it’s refreshing. Texas is a big sports town and all of the kids that play there, most of them eat, breathe and sleep sports. Lakeview is different and is the perfect example of a hard working town. 

I bet if you walked through the halls of Lakeview High School and even Daly Middle School, that three quarters of the students in those schools work on a farm, ranch or raise animals for the Lake County Fair.   

Regardless of the cliques or anything else that happens in this town, I think we can all agree that this is rural America. Everybody always has their hands in multiple things on top of their day jobs, whether it’s at the mill, or for the BLM or Forest Service, whether it’s helping with the Fair and Round Up, or Irish Days, I think that’s what unifies this town. 

With all the negative things happening whether it’s in town or throughout the nation, let’s take solace in the fact that we live in a town where everyone supports each other and when a crisis happens, this town is quick to come together to figure out how what needs to happen in order to help someone out in need. 

Forget about all of the complaining that happens on a daily basis, this town is extremely lucky and fortunate to have everything that we do have. Each town is going to have their problems and nobody is perfect. 

When you need to get away, we have mountains that are absolutely gorgeous on a daily basis. Take pride in yourselves for all the support that you provide from the student athletes, to families in need.

Now this is my own personal opinion, but I think 2019 has started out with a bang, but in a good way. We’re not even two weeks in and already this feels like a different year, time to get to work and keep it going. 


— Michael Acosta

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