Lakeview Town Council discussed issues with the clubhouse roof at the Town Pool during a work session on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

The current roof is flat and there have been leaks in the past. Lakeview Mayor Ray Turner is advocating for a rubberized pitched roof. A rubberized roof would be similar to that of the Department of Human Services (DHS) building in Lakeview. He said while the rubberized roof is a little more expensive than a conventional roof, the lifetime guarantee more than makes up for the difference.

Nicole Braudy, representing Anderson Engineering, said that just replacing the roof will cost $29,000 but there are concerns about rot on the deck which could lead to more costs for a total of nearly $40,000. Until an expert can inspect the roof and determine its condition, along with the inspecting the rot, there is uncertainty on how much it will cost.

Lakeview Town Council Member Shannon Theall questioned the need to work on the roof now, especially if the Town wins a large grant to completely make over the clubhouse, the pool and the park. If the roof is replaced now it will not be impacted by changes made to the clubhouse which would mostly affect the interior portions while leaving the roof alone.

Lakeview Public Works Dir. Jeff Marshall said patching the roof could make it last several more years, and that having a roofing company come to inspect the roof and then patch where the leaks are occurring might be the best option for now. Town Council Member Scott Langum and Niki Taylor were in favor of Marshall contacting a roofing company to inspect the roof and determine if patching will work, and if it will expand the lifetime of the roof for a couple more years. The Council came to a consensus for Marshall to reach out to a roofing company.

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