Animal House dog trap

Rhonda Dial, of Animal House, stands in front of the new dog trap that was donated by the Town of Lakeview.

Trying to capture dogs that are scared, lonely, possibly hungry and potentially afraid of humans can be a thankless task at times, especially with large and skittish dogs, but thanks to a donation from the Town of Lakeview, Animal House operator Rhonda Dial now has a new weapon in her arsenal: a dog trap.

Dial, with help from other local people, rescues dogs that have either been dumped, abandoned, or somehow have gotten away from where they live. Generally people will call her about a dog they see just wandering the streets, and then she often goes and tries to pick them up. Sometimes she knows the dog and the owner and is able to reunite them. There are times when the owner is not immediately known, and she takes them back to Animal House until their situation can be determined.

Sometimes there are situations when trying to catch a dog does not work; and at those times a dog trap like the one she was gifted by the Town will make it easier to catch those dogs that might be suffering some sort of trauma.

“I will put it to good use. There have been several dogs that we have missed because we did not have a dog trap like this,” said Dial.

One day a worker at Lakeview Town Hall saw Dial using treats trying to get a big dog in the back of Dial vehicle, and when asked if she had a trap she told the worker that she did not. That led to some close calls with bigger dogs going a little wild in her vehicle.

One day out of the blue Lakeview Town Mgr. Michele Parry and a couple of other employees called Dial and talked about the situation. Little did Dial know that in a short period of time she would get another call to say that the Town was donating a dog trap to help out her operation.

With no official nuisance officer or shelter to handle the loose dog situation, Dial and Animal House have stepped into the breech.

According to Dial, the dog trap can fit a large husky or pitbull and could potentially be used several times a year. She said that not every rescue will require the use of the trap, but with dogs that might be difficult to rescue the normal way, with food and treats, the dog trap will be deployed.

Once the trap is deployed, with dog food set up in the trap to entice the potentially hungry stray, Dial will set up game cameras around the trap so that the situation is monitored at all times, and once a dog is trapped she is able to get it out quickly.

For more information call 541-417-1621.

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