Lake County Library District raised $1,234.25 in the month of March, and combined with a $500 match, a total of $1,734.25 will go to purchase new materials as part of a donation challenge from the We Can Foundation of Christmas Valley.

Throughout March, the We Can Foundation and local donors were matching all monetary donations made to the Christmas Valley library up to $500 in an effort to raise funds to purchase new books and other materials — such as audio books and DVDS — for the Lake County Library.

Lake County Library Dir. Amy Hutchinson said she is ecstatic about the amount raised to support purchasing new material for the library, especially as the amount available to purchase new material has declined over the past couple years. She said the donations worked out really well, as a family of a patron of the Christmas Valley library made a large contribution in March helping to increase the total amount donated during the month; Hutchinson does not believe the family knew about the matching challenge.

The money will be used to purchase a wide variety of books and other materials across a range of subjects. Hutchinson said the first material purchased with the funds should be arriving at the Christmas Valley library within six weeks; more will arrive over a period of time across the rest of the year.

Items purchased with the funds will begin their journey at the Christmas Valley library and will spend six months at the branch before moving onward to other branches. Each new item spends six months at each branch on the new book shelf; it takes two years for each item to make the circuit before it finds a permanent home at one of the branches. As the Lakeview branch is the largest in the library district, most of the items have their permanent home there.

The Lake County Library is still raising money to supplement its book budget, and all donations are tax deductible.

For more information call 541-947-6019.

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