Medford-based Collaborative Publishing Solutions recently released a Community Emergency Resource Guide, along with an emergency preparedness worksheet, that will be updated annually.

Publisher Charlotte Hodel said she saw a hole to fill after she retired from the Medford-Jackson Chamber of Commerce where she was vice president, and began working with emergency managers across southern Oregon to compile the guide.

Hodel reached out to entities to gather information and important contact information that people would need to know in an emergency situation, such as a wildfire. The guide has information for residents across Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Lake counties and includes important numbers and addresses.

While the booklet will be updated every year, people can find the most up-to-date information online. If any contact information changes updates will appear within a few days, while other corrections such as grammar and spelling mistakes will be fixed every month.

Hodel began working on this project approximately three years ago, and has turned her publishing company into a 501c3, to help provide resources for people across southern Oregon in times of emergency. Other areas have similar emergency preparedness kits and resources, but Hodel said that the southern Oregon region did not have a guide.

Hodel is currently organizing distribution of the booklet if people wish to have a paper copy, and is working with local libraries, fire stations, chambers of commerce, public health, and other entities to carry copies of the free booklet. She expects to begin distributing the book over the next two weeks.

For more information contact Hodel at 480-220-9050.

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