Modoc National Forest has decided to make horses 10 years and older available for adoption and sale with limitations. Forest personnel will begin accepting viewing appointments for all horses.

In-person viewing at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals near Alturas, Calif., is by appointment only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Call 530-233-8738 and leave a message to schedule an appointment.

Selection priority will be first come first served for those who submit Viewing and Pickup Scheduling Request forms. Find this form, applications and a lot of other useful information at

To adopt or purchase 2020 Devil’s Garden Wild Horses, people will need an approved application on file with the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Manager. Once applications are approved, email a Viewing and Pickup Scheduling Request with tag numbers in priority order to the Modoc National Forest at

If the applicant’s higher-priority choice on the selection form is not available, the Corral Manager will work to secure the next available horse on the list. Once horses are assigned, the new family will be notified via email. A Bill of Sale or Care and Maintenance Agreement will be emailed soon after.

Sales with limitations is $25/horse, ownership is immediately granted, and the horse cannot be returned. Purchasers are required to have an approved Request to Purchase Form on file. To select horses 10 years and older, submit a Viewing and Pickup Scheduling Request.

Folks can choose to adopt horses of any age, though horses under 10 years of age are currently adoption only. See below for information on how to adopt a Horse under the age of 10. Adoption is $125 and title is granted after one-year successful completion of the terms of the Care & Maintenance Agreement and a letter from a licensed veterinarian attesting to the condition and treatment of the horse. Those who choose to go this route will need to have an approved adoption application on file.

A series of adoption events for horses younger than 10 will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 1. Qualified adopters must meet standard requirements listed on the application form found at Fill out, sign and fax or email a completed application to the contact listed on top of the application form. Approved applicants will be placed on the Participants List and ready for participation in online adoption events.

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