Lakeview and Paisley students competed in the first Oregon High School Equestrian Teams (OHSET) meet of the season, which was held at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center in Redmond from Thursday, March 18 to Sunday, March 21.

Daniel and Carmen Tague coach the Lakeview High School and Paisley High School teams. There are 10 athletes between the two schools, two of whom are what OHSET calls “grooms”: 8th graders who can come to practices and participate in team functions, but cannot compete at the competitions.

Paisley High School’s team consists of Basil Vickerman and Brianna Haynes. Vickermam competed in the first meet.

Lakeview High School’s team is Samantha Hopper, Ella Villagrana, Hammond Woodworth, Kaydyn Kintzley, Montana Black, and Alexis McBane. Sarah Garton and Cecilia Woodworth are 8th grade grooms. Hopper, Villagrana, Woodworth, Kintzley and Black competed in the first meet.

“We are part of central district and it was a huge undertaking to put this meet on under the COVID restrictions but it went really well and we were able to accomplish it,” Coach Daniel Tague noted. He explained that for team placing, the teams are separated by size, so giant schools aren’t competing with miniature schools.

“These kids have been practicing since December and we are very proud of them and they did very well for their first meet of the season,” Tague said.

Lakeview and Paisley’s next OHSET meet will be Thursday, April 15 through Sunday, April 18 in Redmond, again at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center.

First meet results

Trail Equitation

Kaydyn Kintzley, Lakeview: Total score 59; placed 9 of 13.


Kaydyn Kintzley, Lakeview: Total score 68; placed 4 of 18.

Hammond Woodworth, Lakeview: Total score 52; placed 9 of 18.

Basil Vickerman, Paisley: Total score 29; placed 15 of 18.

Samantha Hooper, Lakeview: Scratched


Kaydyn Kinztley, Lakeview: Total score 53.5; placed 2 of 2.

Western Horsemanship

Kayden Kintzley, Lakeview: Total score 63.5; placed 8 of 17.

Working Rancher

Basil Vickerman, Paisley: Total score 61; placed 4 of 17.

Kaydyn Kintzley, Lakeview: Total score 50; placed 8 of 17.

Ella Villagrana, Lakeview: Total score 24.5; placed 14 of 17.

Hammond Woodworth, Lakeview: Total score 20.5; placed 16 of 17.


Ella Villagrana, Lakeview: Time 15.162; placed 1 of 35.

Samantha Hopper, Lakeview: Time 22.282, placed 23 of 35.

Montana Black, Lakeview: DQ


Montana Black, Lakeview: Time 21.78, placed 20 of 27.

Figure 8

Ella Villagrana, Lakeview: Time 19.178; placed 1 of 34.

Montana Black, Lakeview: DQ

Pole Bending

Ella Villagrana, Lakeview: Time 22.332; placed 1 of 31.

Samantha Hopper, Lakeview: Time 28.379; placed 8 of 31.

Montana Black, Lakeview: Time 35.758, placed 15 of 31.

Individual Flags

Samantha Hopper, Lakeview: Time 19.451 (with 5 pt. penalty); placed 10 of 12.

Break-away Roping

Ella Villagrana, Lakeview: Total time 3.625; placed 2 of 8.

Basil Vickerman, Paisley: Total time 5.335; placed 3 of 8.

Hammond Woodworth, Lakeview: DQ

Steer Daubing

Hammond Woodworth, Lakeview: Total time 6.829; placed 2 of 16.

Basil Vickerman, Paisley: Total time 8.304; placed 4 of 16.

Montana Black, Lakeview: DQ

Samantha Hopper, Lakeview: DQ

Working Pairs

Kaydyn Kintzley and Hammond Woodworth: Total score 66; placed 3 of 13.

Team Versatility

Lakeview Team: DQ

Canadian Flag Race

Lakeview team: Time 77.068; placed 5 of 9.

Two Man Birangle

Ella Villagrana and Samantha Hopper: Time 35.974; placed 15 of 24.

Kaydyn Kintzley and Montana Black: Time 38.122; placed 17 of 24.

Team Sorting

Basil Vickerman and Ella Villagrana: Total time 78; placed 5 of 20.

Kaydyn Kintzley and Hammond Woodworth: Total time 27.889; placed 13 of 20.

Overall results

(Teams split into four categories based on size)

Lakeview (small): Total points (team and individual) 274; placed 2 of 6.

Paisley (mini): Total points (team and individual) 70; placed 1 of 3.

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