Lake County Library Dir. Amy Hutchinson informed the Lake County Library District Board at its meeting on Thursday, Feb. 19, she will need to “recrunch” some of her budgetary numbers for the fiscal year as what she believed was extra money was not actually extra dollars.

Hutchinson does not believe the change of the Solar Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) from miscellaneous dollars to the property tax column will have a major impact, as revenues are expected to come in from the Charter Communication property tax appeal.

When Hutchinson was putting together her 2021 – 22 fiscal year budget, she incorporated the money the Library District was receiving from Solar PILT money as miscellaneous revenue, instead it should have been counted as part of the revenue the Library District receives through property taxes. She said she didn’t know that the money changed designations when she was working on her budget for the fiscal year. With the change in the designation means her current fiscal year budget will need to be reworked and she and will have a more detailed report at the next Board meeting.

She informed the Board that the Library District will be receiving some additional revenues after the resolution of the Charter Communication property tax appeal. For the past several years Charter Communication has been appealing some of its property tax statements with the state and local counties, under the rules that govern the appeals the money for property taxes is still collected each year. Once a case is resolved, the money that is left over is then distributed to special taxing districts and other entities. Hutchinson told the Board she does not have a final tally of the amount yet. It will provide a little extra revenue for the Library District, she believes it might be enough to make up for the Solar PILT shortfall.

For more information call 541-947-6019.

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