Alger Theater belongs to Lakeview

A large crowd comes together in front of the theater during LCP’S big announcement on Thursday, May 2.

In a huge announcement, Lakeview Community Partnership (LCP) received a grant from the Oregon Main Street Program in the amount of $111,685. The grant matched with $58,315 will allow LCP to retire the amount owed on the Alger Theater from the anonymous benefactor Outback LCC by July 1 of this year. 

“Thank you Lakeview, you now own the Alger Theater,” said Ginger Casto after announcing the news to the crowd.

The announcement took place on Thursday, May 2 in front of a full crowd that had gathered outside the theater to enjoy the afternoon and dig into some P’s Que for lunch. Ann Logan, LCP chair, opened up the event with a few words and then passed the microphone over to Casto who announced the news to everyone. 

KORV 93.5 FM “The Goose” was in attendance broadcasting the event over the radio and Lake County Chamber Dir. Jessica Bogardus “went live” over Facebook on the Chamber’s page.

Since the acquisition of the theater in December 2017, Lakeview has raised $342,746 over those two and a half years, including the most recent grant from the Oregon Main Street Program. 

The grant will provide a good start for the LCP renovations on the theater. They will start with the electrical system and then move onto cosmetic restoration once the electrical groundwork is in place and sound.

The process has been a long time coming and without all the volunteering and financial support of the community it never would have come to where it is now according to Casto. 

In what Casto described as the “Academy Awards” of the Alger Theater acquisition, to name a few, the LCP Board of Ray Simms, Jejei Estes, Ken Kestner, Sandy Watts, Don Lasley, Marcie Wade, Logan, and Casto were all heavily involved over the years. Bogardus, LCP Coord. Melissa Maxwell, consultant George Kramer, Will Wright, the Alger Angels original cast, Dir. Joann Dickson, Randy Dary, Cornerstone Minerals, Angie Schneider, Steffi Campbell, Mike Cuff, Tom and Shelly Batty, Town Mayor Ray Turner and dozens of other helpful individuals put their hard work and time into the process. 

The announcement doesn’t come far off from a previous special moment in the Alger’s history of the sign lighting on Friday, March 1. 

The full video of the announcement and a thanks to those individuals involved is available on the Examiner’s YouTube page until the title, Alger Theater Special Announcement: May 2, 2019. 

For more information, contact the LCP at 541-947-6040.  

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