Passing of the Ceremonial Check

The Animal House presents a check for a new car to 4805 Repair.  Pictured are Bobbie Hickey, l-r, Marcus Sutfin, Rhonda Dial and Jessica Bogardus. Lakeview’s Animal House has their covered vehicle. 

Being the only current Animal Control in town and doing it on a strictly volunteer basis, Animal House’s Rhonda Dial had a Go Fund Me set up for people to donate and was out selling snow cones during the Fourth of July celebration and at Occupy E Street. She also set up a raffle for a quilt, that was auctioned off during Occupy E Street. 

“Doing all of those fundraisers, we raised nearly $2,000 and Marcus Sutfin at 4805 Repair gave us a really good deal on the car,” Dial said. “The money we raised was able to pay for the car, as well as the insurance and registration.” 

Dial had been wanting a covered vehicle for several months to help with rescues and with her truck, she was worried about animals jumping out of the back and didn’t want to put animals that she was unfamiliar with in the cab of the truck with her. 

Animal House will be hosting their second car wash this Saturday Aug. 3 beginning at 10 a.m. in the parking lot of Washington Federal in Lakeview. ACE Hardware is helping sponsor the event, providing buckets, brushes, soap and a hose splitter to the cause. 

“We had a really fun time the last time and are still looking for volunteers,” she said. 

Dial is bringing a pitbull from Bly, who while isn’t animal friendly, is very people friendly and was in a “kill shelter” in Klamath Falls, but is being brought back to Animal House and Dial is looking for a Forever Home or a Foster Home. 

The Animal House work shop is scheduled for next Saturday, Aug. 10. Refer to the Aug. 3 Lake County Examiner for the full story on that. 

For more information, contact Dial at 541-417-1621.

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