Bradbury joins High Country Real Estate team


High Country Real Estate has a new broker. Rich Bradbury, who grew up in Lakeview and recently returned to the area, just obtained his Oregon broker’s license and is looking forward to helping people buy and sell homes and ranches.

Bradbury previously worked for a short time for the Marcus & Millichap real estate company in Nevada. When he found out he had a son on the way though, he said he went back to working in the oil field as it provided a more steady income. But spending weeks at a time away from his family while in the oil field began to take its toll, he said, and he was ready for a transition.

That brought him back to the world of real estate, this time in Oregon, where, he said, there are a lot more hoops to jump through to obtain a broker’s license. The state is more stringent when it comes to educational requirements, he noted, and required him to retake his national exam. But the COVID upheaval gave him an opportunity to finish his Oregon licensing requirements.

Having grown up in a ranching family, Bradbury said he has “always been fascinated by ranch properties.” High Country Real Estate in particular has long held a special place in his heart. He recalled looking at western livestock properties in the newspaper and seeing the company’s ads as a kid. “I have loved and followed this real estate company for years,” he said.

His interest in ranch real estate was further solidified when his family purchased a part of the MC Ranch property when he was young. The event was “pivotal” in his life, Bradbury said, and caused him to become “interested in the dynamics of purchasing ranches.

“An extension of being a rancher is neighboring,” Bradbury explained. Being a real estate broker allows him to help people in a different way, by guiding them through to the next stage of their life.

“My entire education is in the finance field,” Bradbury said, noting that he is happy to be applying his finance degree and MBA toward something practical.

“I lucked out because Deanna turned out to be a great mentor,” he said of High Country’s principal broker. He shared that he is “especially excited to be in ag real estate right now” as COVID has opened many people’s eyes to “the food system they’ve taken for granted.” He added, “I expect to see a lot of exciting things happen in ag real estate.”

For more information, call Rich Bradbury at 541-417-0250.

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