Bucking into Lake County Fairgrounds July 4th

Junior Gabriel prepares a burger for a guest at the Lake County Fairgrounds for 4th of July last year.

With the 4th of July less than a month away, the Lake County Fairgrounds will be a hot spot for locals and anyone looking for an entertaining day in the sun and a night full of fireworks. 

The main event, Manuel Souza’s Bucking Bulls will begin at 7 p.m., but that isn’t to say there won’t be a fun filled start to the day. Beginning at 2 p.m., three bounce houses including a 40-foot sports bounce, a lawn water park, food vendors, live musical entertainment and more will welcome in the festivities.

As the rodeo gets closer, individuals will be moved to the arena section of the Fairgrounds to enjoy a beer and wine stand, P’s Que, Junior Gabriel’s mobile kitchen and a chance to donate to the Little League who will be featuring their pork parfait.

After the rodeo has wrapped up, the annual fireworks show will begin once darkness falls on the Fairgrounds. 

Souza’s bulls will feature a couple of events for spectators to enjoy. Fifteen mutton busters for a $20 fee will receive hats and shirts and the winner will win a buckle; six to eight mini bucking horse riders age 7-17 at $40 a person with the high scorer winning a buckle; six mini bulls ages 7-12 at $40 with the high scoring rider receiving a 

buckle; six mini horse racing teams of three at $60 a team for any age, but the rider has to be 12 years or under with a buckle going to the winner; barrel racing at $60 for the first 12 to enter and $400 to the winner and $200 to second place; wild bronc riding for eight at $75 with $400 to the winner and bull riding for 18 at $75 and $1,000 to the winner. 

Kids interested in the events can also enter during all four days of the rodeo tour that will be in Lakeview on Thursday, McArthur on Friday, July 5 and Alturas on Saturday, July 6. A $500 bonus will be added to the contestant who wins the most money over the three days. 

Donations to the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department will help fun the fireworks show. The “Fill the Boot” opportunity to donate will be held during the Community Picnic on a date yet to be determined. 

For more questions and sign ups for the rodeo, text Manuel at 209-347-7305 with your kid’s name, age and event. 

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