1-08 Lakeview Librarian

Leslie Carlock is the new Customer Service/Catalog Librarian at the Lake County main branch.

Leslie Carlock started working in October as a Customer Service/Catalog librarian at the main Lake County Library in Lakeview, after volunteering there for several years.

“The people I work with are wonderful,” said Carlock. “I have never had so much training and help. I love books and people, and in a library you meet such a wide variety of people. It’s exciting to be learning, especially the cataloging. Some parts are common sense but others are very technical. I’m taking a webinar in that aspect now. You have things you have to get done, but it’s not as high pressure as some other jobs I’ve done.”

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Carlock lived in small towns, moving east as development encroached on farmland. She came to Lakeview because her father’s family lived in Lakeview, and they would come up and visit her grandmother until she was about 10 years old. About three years ago, she got an email from her family asking if she wanted to live in her Grandmother’s house.

Previously, Carlock has worked as a bank teller, a secretary at a sheet metal manufacturing plant, and as a housekeeper in an intensive care unit. In between, she’d do housecleaning. For five years she was at Home Depot at the Service Counter, mostly handling complaints.

“This is a welcome change in so many ways,” laughed Carlock.

When she’s not at the library, Carlock likes walking with her dog. She has a long list of things she’s interested in, but most of them are outdoors in the summer. In winter, she reads and watches movies.

“To support the town, I always go to the Alger movies, it doesn’t matter what they are showing,” added Carlock.

She does hope to learn to knit, if a class opens that is compatible with her library hours.

“I like to read a book because you’re part of the story,” explained Carlock. “When you go to a movie, you just watch.”

Her favorite books are adventure/action stories. She enjoys James Rollins because his stories grab the reader, they’re historical, and he has a twist of sci-fi, but it all comes together.

“I like the people up here, they’re down to earth,” reflected Carlock. “They give you a friendly wave. In California, people aren’t so friendly, they’ll be waving a different finger.”

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