Christmas Chorus entertains Lakeview

Lauri Crocker leads the Lake County Christmas Chorus Cantata in a performance at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lakeview on Sunday, Dec. 15.

A longstanding and cherished Christmas tradition, the Lake County Christmas Chorus Cantata entertained hundreds of people at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lakeview on Sunday, Dec. 15, led by Director Lauri Crocker.

This year’s performance was entitled “Rise Up! A New Light A-Comin’” by Lloyd Larson and Pamela Martin, with narration adapted by Lauri Noell Crocker.

The chorus comprises around 60 volunteers from the Lakeview area, ranging in age from 10-91. Everyone who sings is there because they enjoy singing and bringing the story of Jesus to the community.

Rev. Eric Sarensen was the narrator bridging the story between songs. Susan Cahill provided piano accompaniment. Randy Dary performed on trombone and recorder, and Hope Brain performed violin.

The performance began with a processional into the sanctuary of the LDS Church. Before the performance there is a remembrance to those that were previous chorus members and no longer with us.

Crocker led the chorus, and audience, through two traditional Christmas songs, “Joy to the World” and “Sing, Choir of Angels.” Many people have been attending the Christmas Chorus for decades, though there were a few people who were in attendance for the first time.

Afterwards Crocker led the chorus through telling the story of the birth of Jesus with such songs as, “The World Awaits Your Coming,” “O Come, Little Children,” “Led by a Star,” “Children, GO Tell It!” and many more.

Randy Dary accompanied the chorus on the song, “Waiting for Bethlehem’s Light,” and Hope Brain accompanied the chorus on the song, “Did the Stars Hold Their Breath?”

Hundreds of people packed the LDS Church to enjoy the performance and sing along with the choir. Many of the people have been attending so many performances that they knew the words of every song.

After the performance there was a reception in the back of the church with cookies and treats provided by the Relief Society of the LDS Church, which allowed members of the audience to mingle and chat with choir members; many of them family and friends.

DVDs of this year’s performance will soon be available for $12 at the Lake County Examiner office at 739 N. 2nd St or by calling 541-947-3378.

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