CV fireworks show a go

Christmas Valley will have a fireworks show this year and North Lake Community Fireworks has begun raising money for the area’s 2022 fireworks.

Erica Anderson, secretary/treasurer for North Lake Community Fireworks, said that a raffle held in spring in conjunction with the Desert Aces Motorcycle Club’s poker run raised $560 to be put toward the 2022 Christmas Valley fireworks display.

Anderson noted that North Lake Community Fireworks (NLCF) must raise the funds for each year’s fireworks display by January 1; the cost is $10,000.

NLCF typically spends multiple weekends working various events to raise the money. That has been more difficult over the past year, Anderson said, as many events were canceled due to COVID restrictions. NLCF members have staffed checkpoints at the Cascades Lakes Relay in past years, which Anderson said was one of the primary ways the group generated funding. That didn’t happen in 2020, which was a significant hit to the fireworks fund.

There are also several large ranches and businesses in North Lake that donate year after year. Some were not able to donate over the past year because they were struggling to make ends meet due to effects of the pandemic, Anderson reported. It was a challenge for NLCF to raise the $10,000 for this year’s display, she noted, but local donors came through and helped meet the goal. “Thank heavens for them,” Anderson said.

NLCF usually brings waterslides to the Paisley Mosquito Festival and raises fireworks funding by charging people to use the slide. With the festival being smaller this year, Anderson said NLCF is determining whether it will be worth it to bring the water slides, which are large and require a good deal of work to set up.

NLCF had higher membership in past years but is now down to around six members. Anderson, who has been with the group for over ten years, said that a decline in volunteers is something many groups and organizations are facing.

To make a donation to the North Lake Community Fireworks fund, send a check or money order made out to North Lake Community Fireworks to P.O. Box 243, Christmas Valley, OR, 97641.

Visit the North Lake Community Fireworks Facebook page for more information.

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