11-13 Eagle Scout

Scouts Rowdy Gerber and Talon Stancliff were awarded Eagle Scout honors for Lakeview Troop 79 in a ceremony in October.

Two longtime Boy Scouts in Lakeview’s Troop 79 earned the highest honor achievable – that of Eagle Scout – in a ceremony held in October.

Rowdy Gerber and Talon Stancliff were granted their Eagle Scout awards on Thursday, Oct. 24 for Troop 79 with Paul Whitman, who had served as scoutmaster for both for much of their scouting tenure, presiding over the ceremony. Both Gerber and Stancliff are 2019 Lakeview High School graduates.

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest achievable for active scouts, a level fraught with extensive work and accomplishments to reach. Only around 7% of active Boy Scouts participants ever reach the level of Eagle Scout.

To do so, each Scout applying for Eagle Scout must earn at least 21 merit badges, serve in leadership roles within their troop, and both plan and lead a service project that benefits their local community.

To complete the Eagle Scout rank, Stancliff, constructed and placed multiple bat domiciles in the Warner Valley area on behalf of U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Gerber meanwhile repaired and refurbished emergency leg splints and built new ones on behalf of Warner Canyon Ski Patrol. Gerber is preparing for a career with the Bureau of Land Management, and Stancliff is working in Lakeview while determining future plans.

Earlier this year four other members of Troop 79 also achieved the level of Eagle Scout in a ceremony held in June: Tucker Clarke, Ty Whitman, Evan Reese, and Keenan Sterba.

For more information about Boy Scouts or Lakeview Troop 79, contact Evan Reese at 541-947-5475.

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